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Truth Lies in the Perfect Picture

Posted on Feb 9, 2015 in Product News by | Comments
Truth Lies in the Perfect Picture

Jenny, the bride, is left astonished as pandemonium breaks out all around her with balloons bursting and desserts flying all over the place. When an unexpected wedding crasher leaves the newlyweds broken-hearted, a detective and an inspector are left with a mission to track down the suspect.0209_Jenny_FB (3)

With several suspects in mind, the detective turns to his best resource, an LG OLED TV, to gather the clues around the mystery case of Jenny’s wedding. Thankfully, the smallest details of each suspects’ movements are captured within the perfect pictures of LG OLED TV.

The mystery slowly unfolds as the detective, inspector and brilliance of LG OLED TV form the prefect trio to get down to the investigation. Now, let’s get down to the clues and make each moment come alive with LG OLED TV.

With an LG OLED TV, its self-lighting pixels and advanced 4 Color Pixel technology, the detective is able to narrow down to four suspects who may have crashed Jenny’s wedding.