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LG HomeChat™ Makes It Easy to Communicate* with Smart Appliances.

Posted on Jan 7, 2014 in Product News by | Comments
LG HomeChat™ Makes It Easy  to Communicate* with Smart Appliances.

LG is the industry leader in bringing smart appliances to today’s consumer. And here at CES 2014, LG is introducing exciting new ways to communicate with, monitor and make the most of its advanced appliances…in the most effortless, conversational manner. Thanks to LG HomeChat, the concept of the “connected” home is a beautiful reality that couldn’t feel more natural.

LG HomeChat merges Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the mobile messenger phenomenon LINE with the convenient accessibility of your smartphone. With simple conversational texting, you can now check the contents of your refrigerator, download family-pleasing recipes from your range, turn on your washer and update cycles…even command your robot vacuum to clean your living room carpet and kitchen floor. And all this can be accomplished whether you’re entertaining in the backyard or thousands of miles away.

A Complete Food Management System
Ever find yourself at the supermarket and you’re not sure what’s in the fridge? Of course! Thanks to the messaging capabilities of HomeChat, LG smart appliance owners can receive real-time food status updates from their refrigerators directly on their smartphones. Ask your fridge what items are reaching their expiration dates. Even request recipes based on the ingredients you already have. As you’ll discover, there’s also a fun side to smart. Family members can upload photos to their fridge from their smartphones using LINE, for all to enjoy on the refrigerator’s LCD display panel.

Recipe Recommendations from LG’s Smart Oven
What’s cooking? More than you ever imagined. With HomeChat™ and Recipe Search, users can converse with their smart oven for recipe recommendations for everyday meals and special occasions. The oven will then auto-select the appropriate settings, removing the hassle of manually setting the cooking mode. And when recipe updates become available, LG’s smart oven app makes sure you’re the first to know.

A Washing Machine That Thinks for You
It’s time to take HomeChat for a spin. And it’s as simple as texting “what are you doing?” to your washer or dryer to get an immediate update on the status of the current cycle. With HomeChat, users can download the latest wash cycles to suit their personal needs. HomeChat can also be used to remotely start a load of laundry and notify you when your laundry is completed.

Much More Than a Vacuum
LG’s automatic HOM-BOT SQUARE vacuum can be remotely programmed to clean at a time that’s best for you, using a wide range of cleaning patterns. If you wish, ask HOM-BOT SQUARE “When did you last clean?” The vacuum cleaner will respond via HomeChat with something like this: “10:50 started cleaning with zigzag mode; 11:30 completed cleaning with zigzag mode.” No question about it, the future of clean is here.

*Available initially in English and Korean. Additional languages will be introduced in 2014.