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Posted on Jan 14, 2013 in Product News by | Comments

We believe in unveiling products at CES that will make your life a little bit easier, and if we get you to say, “I must have that,” we’ve done our job. We’ve just announced its new series of self-cleaning, large-capacity ovens featuring the Aqua Clean Enamel (ACE) coating. What does that mean? Simply put, cleaning your oven has gotten a lot easier and stress-free-er. We incorporated Easy Cleaning and automatic Self Cleaning, making it easier and much faster to clean your oven, which is good because with a 6.7-cubic-foot capacity there’s much more oven to keep clean.

Easy Clean is by far the simplest way to clean an oven. Spray some water inside the oven, put the heat on, and that’s it. Watch food and grease melt away with a press of a button. (Unless there’s something good on TV. Then you’d probably prefer watching that.) This method isn’t just easy, it’s quick, with no more hours bent over, scrubbing. Twenty minutes and you’re done, or if you want a more thorough clean, select the Self Cleaning function and tough grease and grime will scram. This marvel is achieved with extremely high heat that blasts away any food or residue.

What makes ours better than yours? Unlike conventional interior oven coatings, ACE features a unique composition of enamel properties. That means water can penetrate between the surface and the residue, making it easy to separate baked-on food from your oven walls. So you never have to use harsh chemicals to do the job.

By the way, this stove also cooks, brilliantly, and it won’t just hold your holiday turkey, it could probably hold a pterodactyl. With 6.7-cubic feet of cooking capacity (6.1-cubic feet for a gas double range), your biggest feast has never been easier to prepare, or to clean up after.