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LG Continues to Get Accolades for OLED TV Technology

Posted on Mar 6, 2015 in Product News by | Comments
LG Continues to Get Accolades for OLED TV Technology

Ever since LG Electronics introduced its remarkable 4K OLED television (EC9700), it has been receiving accolades from reviewers and everyday consumers who truly appreciate picture excellence and slim design technology.

Leading consumer technology publications and Digital Trends conducted a series of in-depth tests and found that LG not only exceeded expectations but raised the bar for the OLED TV market.



Here’s a sample of what they had to say:


“The Marriage of the Newest Innovations in Display Tech” –


With a whole new display technology, OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display allows every pixel to generate light itself and turn on/off independently. According to, LG’s display technology yields truly breathtaking picture quality, the best we’ve ever seen.”

Behind LG’s impressive infinite contrast ratio is independently lit pixels that control their own luminance. These individual pixels offer the perfect expression of black for dark scenes that come alive with greater visibility and vivid detail.


 Simply Put: It is the Best TV We’ve Ever Seen” – Digital Trends


LG’s unique 4 Color Pixel Technology improves the OLED pixels’ ability to express colors with such clarity. The technology adds a white sub-pixel that modifies the conventional colors of red, green and blue.


Highly praised by Digital Trends for its incredible resolution, a top-notch resolution upscaler, perfect black levels, insane contrast, eye-dazzling color, and class-leading WebOS smart TV interface,”it is then no wonder that LG has won the hearts of many industry experts.


It’s Mind-Bogglingly Thin” –


Complementing LG’s pioneering OLED display and 4 Color Pixel Technology, LG’s Art Slim design is mind-bogglingly thin, with practically no bezels.”LG OLED TV’s Art Slim Design gives its state-of-the-art technology a touch of elegance, blending the best of both picture excellence and slim design technology.

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If you are wondering how much 4K OLED television (EC9700) is better than other OLED TVs in the market, Digital Trends affirms that nothing else comes close.”