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Your new MVP

Posted on Nov 4, 2016 in (L)atest & (G)reatest Home Mobile Phones, Newsletters by | Comments
Your new MVP


all is here and that means football. From the sharp trill of the referee’s whistle to the crunch of shoulder pads and the roar of the crowd, the actions of these gridiron warriors hold us captivated every season. It’s the time of blitzes, sweeps, draw plays, scintillating double reverses, and dramatic contests between age-old rivals. And it’s also the time of fantasy football.

Head coach: you.

Fantasy football gives the pigskin fanatic the chance to not only be a spectator, but a head coach and general manager as well. Contestants draft players, form teams, and make crucial decisions based on the week’s matchup in order to maximize their chances of victory—just like real NFL field generals. It brings additional excitement to each and every game, giving participants the chance to be just as competitive as their counterparts on the real playing field. In this realm, victory is just as important. As are bragging rights.

Victory is yours.

If you’re addicted to the fantasy experience, and want to maximize your chances of tasting the sweet nectar of victory, here’s your secret weapon: the svelte new LG V20 smartphone with a stunning 5.7” Quad HD display. It has a variety of features that are certain to augment your fantasy experience and bring even more excitement to your season.


Selfies galore.

The LG V20’s front and rear Wide Angle Lenses give you three times more room to frame photos, while the Auto Shot makes taking selfies easier than a chip shot field goal. Now when your running back bulls his way into the end zone for that game-winning touchdown, you can capture your team jersey and that joyous grin on your face instantly, without even hitting a button.

Time to talk (and text) some smack.

Feel like recording some audio, like, say, your team’s fight song? Or your own personal war cry as your fantasy team wins by a point on Monday night? Well, thanks to a wider dynamic frequency range, 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC capabilities, and three intelligent microphones that reduce ambient noise levels, the LG V20 delivers crisp, clean sound that is sure to please everyone but your opponent, after you send him yet another smack-talkin’ message about how superior your team is.

Two screens for excitement.

And since the LG V20 is the first smartphone to come equipped with the Android Nougat operating system, it gives every fantasy fanatic the opportunity to multitask like never before. Now you can not only stay connected to your social networks, but also use the LG V20’s split screen feature to watch the game, multiple games, replays, and highlights while you communicate with your buddies and enjoy even more excitement.


Fantasy meets function.

As you know, football is a game of tactics, strategy, and above all balance. It takes an uncanny synergy between offense, defense, and special teams in order to emerge victorious. And now, with the LG V20 smartphone on your side, you’ll have a resource that is equally balanced, that you can consult as often as a head coach consults his clipboard of plays. Now, your fantasy experience is more fun and entertaining than ever before. How’s that for a win-win?


Do you enjoy fantasy football? Could you use a new LG V20 smartphone? Chime in below.