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When you wish you could just hit a pause button

Posted on Sep 8, 2016 in (L)atest & (G)reatest Home Appliances, Newsletters by | Comments
When you wish you could just hit a pause button


veryone has those moments in life when a pause button could really come in handy. And, that’s no surprise. These days with all of our multi-tasking, the power of pause can be incredible.

Pausing can give you a minute to relax. It can allow you to appreciate a moment that you would usually take for granted. It can give you the opportunity to right a wrong.

Today, take a break and reflect on moments in life that call for pause. We’ll show you how hitting the pause button can become less of a wish and more of a reality.


Getting Overwhelmed by Your To-Do List
There’s nothing more daunting than a to-do list that never goes away. Ever feel as if you cross off one thing only for two more items to magically appear?

How to Hit Pause
Take a break from trying to do it all. Prioritizing tasks will help you organize your week and grouping related tasks (even by room or activity) can help you be more efficient. Also, never underestimate the power of tackling all the smaller or simpler tasks first. Crossing off a few items at the start will help keep your momentum going.


Savoring a Well-Deserved Getaway
When you think about it, a lot of work goes into coordinating taking time off: researching vacations, looking up prices, and getting days off from work approved. After all that, it’s important to truly savor the fruits of your labor and all the work that it took to get you there.

How to Hit Pause
Do yourself a favor and make sure you don’t over-book yourself while you’re away. Sure, there may be lots of sights to see, but be realistic and give yourself some time to soak it all in. Also, make a concerted effort to be in the moment. Note your surroundings—the sights, the sounds, the smells. Consider taking a mental picture instead of an actual one. You may find it that much more rewarding.


Forgetting to Throw Something in the Wash
It happens to everyone. You missed that dirty towel that’s still on the floor or forgot that pesky sock that fell out of the hamper (again). It’s an annoyingly neurotic moment that can throw off anyone’s laundry day.

How to Hit Pause
Have no fear. LG Washers have a built-in pause button that lets you pause your wash after it starts to drop in that stray item. If only the rest of life’s craziness could come with a pause button.


Realizing Your Kids Are Growing Up Too Fast
Teens renting a limo for prom. Toddlers going to their first day of school. Young adults graduating from college. Certain moments in life force you to realize that your kids are growing up. But there are ways to savor the moments along the way.

How to Hit Pause
You can’t stop them from growing, but if you have small children, consider taking a photo of them in the same place over time. It’s a great way to establish a family tradition and an even better way to reflect on their transformation over time. If you have older children make lasting memories by doing an activity together each year that you both have never done, like surf lessons or taking a cooking class together.


Are there any moments in your life that made you wish for a pause button? Do you have any tips that can help others? Share them with us in the comments below.