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How to build tiny terrariums with the entire family

Posted on Jul 7, 2016 in Ideas & Lifestyle, Newsletters by | Comments
How to build tiny terrariums with the entire family


uilding a terrarium is an inexpensive yet very fulfilling activity you can have with the whole family. Not only will it liven up your home, but the process of making one is relaxing as well.


We consulted with New York terrarium maven Liza Fiorentinos of Luludi Living Art to give us the expert 411 on all the proper step-by-steps of making our own.


Step 1

Find an old glass container to house your terrarium. You can purchase a specialty one from a store or find your own unused canning jar, vase, or even an old glass coffee pot. Whatever you choose, clean the container well to get rid of any potential contaminants.

Step 2

Lay small stones at the bottom of the terrarium. Have enough so it fully covers the bottom in a thin layer. This will help with draining and ensuring the soil doesn’t become too soggy.

Step 3

Time to add the soil. Be careful not to overfill it just yet. Think about where you’ll want to place your plant and how tall it will stand. However, note that your soil layer should be at least 2.5” thick. The roots will need room to grow.

Step 4

Remove the plant from its container and brush off as much excess soil from the roots as you can. Don’t force it though. You can spray the roots with a bit of water to help hardened soil come loose.

Step 5

Create a tiny indentation in the soil with your finger or a tool where you want your plant to be placed. Now carefully place it into its new home, and cover the roots with soil.

Step 6

Gently add in more soil to help get your plants standing. Then pack it down tight. Now is the time to add any decorations like stones, toys, moss, seashells, or really anything your imagination can come up with.


That’s it! Your tiny terrarium world is complete. Now let’s learn about…

Taking care of your terrarium

  • Place it in indirect natural light. That means, not directly in the sun’s rays but also not in a dark spot where the only illumination comes from a light bulb.
  • Water once every 7-10 days. Once the soil is dry to the bone, you’ll know it’s time. About a tablespoon of water should do the trick, but it really all depends on the size of your terrarium.
  • If you notice any leaves are rotting, you’re probably overwatering. Just nip those leaves off and adjust your watering accordingly.

Did you enjoy this terrarium tutorial? Let us know if you’ll be trying it at home or if you have any tips of your own. We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.