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Push bracket boundaries with your own NCAA® March Madness® twist

Posted on Mar 27, 2013 in Newsletters, Spotlight Offers by | Comments
Push bracket boundaries with your own NCAA® March Madness® twist

Between last-second baskets, underdog stories, and serious bracket strategizing, it’s hard not to love March Madness®. The NCAA® tournament has been pulling in die-hard fans and casual fans alike for 75 years. As soon as Selection Sunday™ comes around it’s a March Madness® world.

The best March Madness® moments are all about pushing boundaries and surprising doubters. It’s the record-breaking underdog victories, not the predictable wins, that become the stuff of March Madness® legends. Things like the Wildcats’ 1985 national championship as only a #8 seed. The #11 Rams’ run from the First Four to the NCAA® Final Four® in 2011. Or 1990’s Racers, the only #16 seed to take a #1 team all the way into overtime.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, consider pushing the boundaries of your own March Madness® competition. The chances of picking a perfect bracket randomly are a whopping 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 1 (if you need help saying that out loud, that’s more than nine quintillion to one.) Since that kind of success is a bit of a long shot, why not find some other ways to keep your personal bracket challenge exciting? Check out these ideas for a fresh twist on your typical March Madness® traditions:

Creative wagers – Instead of only putting bragging rights at stake, spice up the office bracket challenge with some creative wagers. You could embrace your inner child and put an embarrassing dare on the line, or make the unlucky losers “pay” with favors or chores for the winners. With the right wagers, March Madness® won’t be the only show – your April “paydays” might become equally entertaining.

Reward the biggest loser — In a tournament as unpredictable as March Madness®, there are years when designing the worst bracket would be almost as difficult as crafting a winning one. So why not make a challenge of it, and have a prize for the last-place finisher?

Watch at least part of every game — Anyone can catch the Final Four® or the evening highlights, but it’s the thrills and achievements in between that separate the ordinary fans from the super-fans. Decide to dive in deep this year, and you’ll start to appreciate the tournament on a new level. To make this even easier, check out LG’s March Madness® Live App for the latest live games, videos, and highlights.

Trivia tournaments — With endless stats plus new firsts, seconds, and records every year, March Madness® is a trivia buff’s dream. Pull your coworkers into a heated trivia battle while you sit and watch the real ones.

Enter to win big — Finally, you can try your luck in our Do March Right Sweepstakes. Here at LG, we’re March Madness® fanatics, so we’re giving you a chance to win NCAA® gear, LG products, and win a trip for two to the Final Four® in Atlanta. Seeing the games up close? Now that’s the ultimate twist on your March Madness® traditions. Enter the sweepstakes or use the hashtag #DoMarchRight.

No matter who you’re rooting for, the 75th anniversary of the NCAA® tournament is worth a celebration. We’ll be watching all the madness right alongside you.

LG is an official corporate sponsor of NCAA® March Madness®.

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