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Marco Polo Season 2 is headed to Netflix. Let’s get caught up!

Posted on Jun 9, 2016 in (L)atest & (G)reatest Home Electronics, Newsletters by | Comments
Marco Polo Season 2 is headed to Netflix. Let’s get caught up!


tep back into 1273 A.D. and place yourself in heart of the Mongol Empire at the palace of Kublai Khan. This is the very stage for the hit Netflix original series Marco Polo, which returns for its second season on July 1, 2016.


Plenty of events happened in Season 1 that will set the stage for an exhilarating sophomore run on your 2016 LG 4K Super UHD TV or OLED TV 😉.

And before the season premiere, enjoy a *SPOILER FREE* recap of all ten episodes. For all the juicy details we’re leaving out, be sure to catch Marco Polo Season 1 on Netflix.*


We meet Marco Polo traveling with his father and uncle as they come upon an unexpected encounter with Kublai Khan’s forces. We are also introduced to big players in the Chinese Song Dynasty who the Mongols aspire to conquer. Betrayals are made. Plans get hatched, and a Mongol Prince leads his army in hopes of impressing his father. Unfortunately, he is met with one shocking realization.


Marco meets the Blue Princess, and the Chinese emperor’s passing leaves a void one ambitious chancellor hopes to exploit. The Mongol Prince’s return to the capitol of Karakorum is also wrought with disappointment and shame, revealing discontent within Kublai Khan’s court. He’s forced to exact a swift, severe retribution.


An impressive female wrestler entertains Marco at a tribal feast, while in Karakorum, a would-be consort enters Kublai Khan’s harem with intentions that are not what they seem. Marco continues to follow the “Blue Princess” but uncovers only more questions than answers.


The Empress makes a new frenemy as the Chinese and Mongols approach the brink of peace. However, the Chinese chancellor will go to any lengths to make their plans go awry. Marco is also met with unexpected guests who ultimately force him to make a challenging decision.


The palace is infiltrated by shadows, which consequently leads Marco to the reaches of the desert to meet with a mysterious man who possesses a dire warning.


We discover the secret of the Blue Princess while Marco attempts to sniff out a traitor in their midst. All the while, a mother’s last resort drives her to attempt the impossible.


The granting of mercy turns into a window of opportunity. A stealthy mission is commissioned and a battle of skill and luck finally leads to the moment Kublai Khan has been waiting for.


Marco struggles with his loyalty until the Blue Princess reveals her shocking truth. The Mongols, at long-last, meet the Chinese head-on in a decisive battle.


Marco is imprisoned and slated for execution when an unsuspecting member of Khan’s court makes an unbelievable sacrifice. Meanwhile in China, authority sways and the chancellor solidifies his claim to power.


Marco will do anything to regain the trust of Kublai Khan. As a result, all the big players collide in the ultimate martial arts showdown of the season. Then after all is said and done, we discover a shocking twist made from a new and dangerous alliance, threatening to throw everything we know and love into chaos.


We don’t want to give too much away. We just hope we’ve wet your palate to watch or re-watch this thrilling series. And as we foam at the mouth in anticipation, we’ve got even more exciting news.

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Are you a Marco Polo fan? Are you a fan of the LG Super UHD TV? We want to hear it all. Drop us a line in the comments below.

*Netflix streaming membership required.