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Dangerous curves ahead

Posted on Nov 7, 2014 in (L)atest & (G)reatest Home Electronics, Newsletters by | Comments
Dangerous curves ahead

In an unmarked studio in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, an elite group of excited bloggers and consumer reviewers gathered to see firsthand how LG’s Curved OLED TV technology (the Curved 4K OLED comes out this fall) fares against the regular LED 4K UHD TV from Samsung. We went down to gauge their reaction, and found out what TV show they would want to watch on the TV being heralded by some as the best TV picture quality ever.

She wants to know if I’m bringing one home…

Michael Erb, Amazon Reviewer

“I took a photo of the comparison of the OLED up against the other LED screen, and sent it to my wife asking ‘can you tell which one is the OLED’. She guessed correctly right away, the contrast and ratio is much better. She wants to know if I’m bringing one home…I’d like to watch really good Blu-ray movies – James Cameron’s Avatar. That would be good.”



Glasgow Skinner, founder for

“I would watch all the shows I wasn’t supposed
to as a kid, like Dynasty. The picture quality is amazing, especially in the comparison, and it would really bring out the gold and silver, all that ’80s sparkle and glamor on those outfits! Also – the width is outstanding – it’s narrower than the tip of my finger!”

I would watch all the shows I wasn’t supposed to as a kid, like Dynasty.

Misti Schindele, founder for

“Entertainment is my life, I live, eat, breathe and sleep it. I’d like to watch Marvel’s Agents of Shield, because of the curved screen – you’d be able to take in all the action with a lot more depth and clarity. I’m so impressed with how much more definition there is than regular LED HD – I wasn’t expecting it to be so much better.”



Wandr Woman, Amazon Reviewer

“I’m not really a sports fan, but I would love to see some kind of action. I think it would be great to watch a game on the screen – something that shows off that kind of fast movement. I think the OLED screen is spectacular. The side-by-side demonstration is so effective.”