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All the hidden holidays you should be celebrating in June

Posted on Jun 9, 2016 in (L)atest & (G)reatest Home Appliances, Newsletters by | Comments
All the hidden holidays you should be celebrating in June


ith all the warm weather, it’d be a crying shame if you had to spend all that time indoors. Get out there and seize the day by celebrating these national holidays you might never have heard of before.


This is the perfect day to harken back to our ancestral times. Remember the good ol’ days when you’d have to fish and forage for your meals? Hunting and gathering at its finest! Well today is the ideal time to chill out on a boat, a pier, or even by the lake. Catch your fill and soak in the sun.


If you’re not big on fishing, or just in the mood to double-up on celebrating, pack yourself the perfect picnic basket and make a day of dining in the outdoors. Picnics were first “invented” in medieval times where they were actually parties that took place after a successful hunt. After a while, people just realized how awesome they were and turned them into family affairs, not to mention a great excuse to bask outside on a warm day.


The United Nations hereby declares this day International Yoga Day. So, this over 5,000 year old Indian practice has to be a big deal. Never tried it? Today is a good excuse to start. Already a fan? Then grab a buddy or two and encourage them to join you. Yoga helps you relax, lower blood pressure, and gives you a healthy stretch and workout.


Often a full load seems wasteful for just a few pieces of laundry, so we end up wearing old yoga and gym clothes again. But not with the LG SideKick™. It‘s just the right size, so you can do the small stuff instead of sweating about it.


Every dog has its day, and guess what? Today is that day! If your building allows, bring your little canine friend to the office and show it off to everyone. Your coworkers will love you for it (well… most of them). You’re actually even doing them a favor. Dogs help us reduce stress and studies show that staring into the eyes of a cute little pooch can release a type of “love hormone” for both parties. Talk about a win-win relationship.


Want a relaxing, environmentally friendly, and an outdoor exercise that builds sexier arms? If so, Canoe Day might be the ideal day for you. Originating in Canada, their national holiday has grown to be celebrated in many places around the world, including right here in the States. You’re not only encouraged to get out on the water in a canoe but to really try out any paddlesport at all. So, get out there and start exploring a body of water near you.


Throw some shade on your eyeballs. Go ahead, they won’t mind. As summer starts to really sizzle, and you’re starting to feel the burn, you’ve really got to shield those eyes from the blinding rays of the sun. UV protection is a must. But don’t just settle for the humdrum, rather take this day to step up your sunglass game and don’t be afraid to walk outside in the most attention-grabbing, outlandish, or over-the-top shades you can get your hands on. All of it will bring attention to the fact we need to safeguard our eyes.


He’s America’s beloved colossal lumberjack who just happens to own a big blue ox. Take this day to celebrate one of our nation’s finest by venturing into the outdoors and exploring his domain. Whether it be hiking, camping, or just going for a stroll through a park, Paul Bunyan supports anything outdoorsy and would love it if you would continue spreading tales of his magnificent life. Some stories include:

  • How he created the Mississippi River when his ox’s water tank sprung a leak and trickled across the nation as he walked
  • How he needed a sufficiently-sized watering hole for his ox so he carved out the Great Lakes
  • How he created Mount Hood in Oregon by stacking a pile of rocks on his campfire

Overall, June is a month you shouldn’t stay indoors. We encourage you to get out and get a little dirty. Leave it to us to deal with the laundry, no matter how big or small the load. After all, life’s good you have all the fun. To learn more about how the LG SideKick can help make your life easier, visit

And let us know if you’re going to celebrate these holidays in the comments below!