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Top 7 dishwasher myths you need to stop believing

Posted on Aug 8, 2016 in (L)atest & (G)reatest Home Appliances, Newsletters by | Comments
Top 7 dishwasher myths you need to stop believing


re you wary of dishwashers? Do you sometimes use them as dish racks instead of actually using them for their intended purposes? There are plenty of excuses people come up with to not use one, but we’re here to burst your bubble and reveal that many of these preconceptions simply aren’t true.

Dishwashers like the LG Front Control Dishwasher with QuadWash™ and EasyRack™ are actually here to help you, not hurt you or the environment. So have no fear. We’ve gone and debunked the top eight dishwasher myths, so you can start breathing a sigh of relief.


1. I need to pre-rinse my dishes to really get them clean.
Stop doing that. Dishwasher detergents are designed to break down all the guck on your dishes. If you wash them without anything for these cleaners to latch onto, it could end up being very damaging and abrasive to your dishware.1 And better yet, with the advanced QuadWash™ system in the LG Front Control Dishwasher, you get maximum cleaning coverage, eliminating the need to pre-rinse your dishes. With four spray arms instead of just two, QuadWash™ also includes Multi-Motion arms that rotate back and forth while spinning. The high-pressure jets power-clean dishes from multiple angles to reach every nook and cranny. It’s really an incomparable clean you must experience for yourself.


2. Using a dishwasher is less eco-friendly than washing by hand.
Actually, the opposite is true. Washing by hand can consume twice as much water, even more if you leave the water running.2 A dishwasher uses a surprisingly small amount that gets cleaned and reused in the same wash to be super-efficient. Additionally, energy is also better conserved because it costs less to heat far less water.3 The LG Front Control Dishwasher is also ENERGY STAR® Qualified, making it among the most energy-efficient dishwashers in its class.


3. Dishwashers are filled with bacteria.
Bacteria can grow anywhere, but you’re likely to find more of it in a kitchen sink than a dishwasher. Wet towels, sponges, and sink drains harbor food remnants and humidity that can become germy breeding grounds if not kept in check. On the other hand, the cleaning detergents and super-heated steam used in each cycle help to ensure a more sterile environment inside of a dishwasher.3, 4


4. I never use enough dishes to justify using a dishwasher.
Dishwashers come in all shapes and sizes as well as feature different functions to fit your washing needs. For example, the LG Front Control Dishwasher comes with a newly enhanced EasyRack™ Plus system to make washing flexible and convenient by adjusting to just about any load of dishes while still ensuring optimal cleaning performance.


5. I always wash using shorter cycles because it saves more energy.
Your dishwasher purposefully has different cycles that are geared to certain types of loads. It’s more efficient to group your loads accordingly, to save time and energy.5 Otherwise, you’ll end up having to additionally wash by hand or run your dishes through another cycle. Now that’s a waste.


6. Completely filling the dishwasher will make it less effective.
Not true. Although overfilling is never a good idea, your dishwasher is most efficient when it’s full.6 Most modern dishwashers sense and adjust their water spray systems accordingly when they recognize different sized loads.


7. Adding more detergent is better.
Too much of anything is never a good thing. Excess detergent can lead to cloudy dishes and glassware. These could be the result of tiny abrasions made to its surface caused by too much detergent.1


There you have it! Are you convinced? Need more convincing? Let us know in the comments below.

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