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Dare to embark on a culinary adventure

Posted on Sep 6, 2013 in (L)atest & (G)reatest Home Appliances, Newsletters by | Comments
Dare to embark on a culinary adventure

Now that it’s finally cool enough to truly play in your kitchen again, how about we get cooking? Are there recipes out there that you have always wanted to try? We’re not talking about scrambling eggs or boiling pasta… Rather, those complex, messy, but truly delicious dishes you’ve meant to tackle—yeah, those dishes… Invite some company over to celebrate the start of this fall season, whip out your best china, and aim to amaze with your culinary prowess. There’s a sophisticated chef in all of us and this September, that chef is issuing a challenge.

Beef Wellingtons, soufflés and chiffon pies, “Oh my!”

Two words: Beef Wellington. When cooked well, this complex contraption of multiple layers is absolutely delectable and beautiful to serve—your meat and garnish joined together in a neat slice. Take a look at this classic recipe for “a meat marriage made in heaven.”

Ah, the elusive soufflé—you don’t have to be a master to know that if it’s not made correctly, it can sink and ruin the whole presentation. But not to fear, you can master this dish. Take a look at a video of a certain unforgettable chef showing you how to be the boss of the cheese soufflé. And here is her cheese soufflé recipe—bon appétit!

Fall may signify pumpkin pie season, but anyone can bake a plain pumpkin pie… You want a challenge? Try whipping up a scrumptious Pumpkin Chiffon Pie. The name alone sounds fancy. The great thing about this recipe is that it’s a lighter alternative to the heavy traditional pumpkin pie—so, hopefully, you’ll feel sprightlier and have more energy for all those fall activities you’ve been planning!

Cleaning—what cleaning?

You didn’t think we’d encourage you to cook up a mess without a proper cleaning tool on hand, now did you? LG’s TrueSteam™ dishwasher allows you to whip up the messiest of dishes, use your best china and stemware, and clean it all without the need to prewash! TrueSteam™ technology uses powerful steam to get in between and break up even the toughest dirt particles—so all those pots and pans from your laborious recipes can go straight into the dishwasher (no pre-scrubbing needed!). TrueSteam™ is also gentle enough to clean your finest china and glassware without scratching or damaging it. In fact, Steam Dual Spray allows you to do both at the same time, since you can customize the water pressure for each rack. EasyRack™ Plus also lets you adjust the racks in a way that best suits your dish load.

Can you imagine? Heavily soiled pans with caked-on cheese (here’s looking at you, soufflé) on the bottom rack, your best wine glasses on the flip-up stemware rack—and everything washed squeaky clean by the power of steam (without the dreaded pre-washing). Why not cook the most adventurous recipes? Why not invite friends over and use your finest china? Take a look at some more recipes deemed to be difficult and get cooking!

What complex dishes would you like to try cooking? Or share your favorite “fancy” recipe in the comments!


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