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Can you handle the new fall reads?

Posted on Sep 6, 2013 in Ideas & Lifestyle, Newsletters by | Comments
Can you handle the new fall reads?

Why not join all those school kids in picking up some books for the year… Except you get to make your own reading list! It just so happens that the year’s biggest book release season is upon us, so consider grabbing a new book or two that are sure to keep your fall exciting. From challenging your beliefs to scaring the living daylights out of you, fall’s new releases will have you flipping those pages, or rather, pressing “next” on your eReader.

A fresh perspective.

There are books out there that truly alter the way we think. Journalistic, philosophical reads that make us wonder about society and the world at large: why do some people succeed, for example, while others struggle? Why do some products and ideas become so popular, how do they reach that tipping point? If you like to ponder and analyze the way our world works or want to find out how David was able to slay Goliath—well then, this fall, you are in luck. Delve into obstacles and disadvantages—and how much beauty and significance they give birth to—with this intellectual new release.

Delight in fright!

Have you ever watched a really good horror flick? Well, a masterfully written horror book can be even better. After all, an imagination gone wild constructs all sorts of scary—just recall those childhood ghost stories (and the sleepless night(s) that followed!). If you’ve been missing that sort of adrenaline rush, get ready for a chilling return… A certain little boy from an infamous haunted hotel is making a comeback—this time as a middle-aged man that must save a child who, like himself, possesses the “shining.” You may want to read this new novel under your blanket!

The rocky life of an icon.

Iconic people often lead complicated lives, so when they are gone, we are left curious and hungry for more—which is why an insightful biography cannot be put down! If you are into the biography genre or you’re a music fan, keep your eyes open for this October release. It was written by a music critic who had a long-time relationship with the book’s subject, providing an intimate look at one of the most influential and profound artists of all time. While his troubled life had already been the focus of an acclaimed film, many parts of his multi-layered story remained untold until now.

You can visit Amazon’s Big Fall Book Preview for an extensive look at the many fall releases: from children’s books to memoirs to suspense. Whatever your preference, there’s a book out there for you. So, in the spirit of the new “school year,” let’s get reading!

What recent or upcoming reads would you recommend this fall? Share your book picks in the comments!


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