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Getting the best of Black Friday

Posted on Nov 4, 2016 in Ideas & Lifestyle, Newsletters by | Comments
Getting the best of Black Friday


e’ve got Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but at the rate retailers are going, it’s probably pretty safe to call it “Black November.” Either way, we all know that this month signifies a great time to score some serious deals. And who doesn’t like a deal? Here are a few tips and tricks to give you an extra edge this shopping season.

Look Beyond Just Friday and Monday


As retailers have become more eager to offload their holiday merchandise, these days they typically extend their offers before Black Friday and sometimes even beyond Cyber Monday. That said, besides keeping your eyes peeled and scanning your newspaper circulars weeks in advance, you should also sign up for email updates from your favorite brands and retailers. Even here at LG, we send out exclusive Black Friday updates and offers to our email subscribers. Also, it literally pays to be looped in and it doesn’t hurt to follow brands on social media, too.

Go in Prepared


This should almost go without saying, but before you’re even considering an attempt at snagging a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal—make sure you compare your prices. Just because your local electronic store is selling that home theater system on sale for $525 doesn’t necessarily mean that that model is really a bargain at that price. Do your homework. Visit multiple retail sites. Check out Amazon. And if there’s a specific model or product you are looking to score, sometimes a simple Google search can lead you to their Google Shopping compare feature, which essentially does all the work for you.

Read the Fine Print


Many stores offer price matching, so you can often get the same amazing deals without them having to announce that fact. You may even save yourself some time and effort that way by sticking to just one store, versus trekking to many. Just note the store policy before you head out. It’s also important to do your research on warranties. Retailers might lose some money on Black Friday sale prices, so they often try to get customers to sign up for an extended warranty or specialty care program with its own set of fine print, which often yields many exceptions. Many shoppers might not realize that their credit card companies might offer similar warranties on major purchases.

Bring Your Proof with You


Did you find an amazing deal in a store’s ad? Bring them all with you on your hunt to make sure the deal you saw, is the deal you’ll get. Plus, it may even help you score a deal that’s not even in the store you’re in if, as discussed above, that store honors price matching.

Get Help from Other Apps

Even more help exists in the form of mobile apps like the actual Black Friday app, RetailMeNot, and ShopSavvy, all free and available for iOS and Android. These will help you compare prices and deals across a wide variety of merchants online or otherwise. In addition, they bring together reviews and customer reports on products so that you can be sure you’re getting a great value on top of a great deal.

Regardless of what you do, or don’t do, during this holiday shopping season, remember that if you’re reading this, then you already have a major advantage. Good luck to you all this holiday shopping season!

Have any of your own deal-scoring tips? What’s your shopping strategy this year? Share your tips in the comments below.