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Sports and Fitness Meet the Connected World

Posted on Jan 8, 2016 in CES 2016 by | Comments
Sports and Fitness Meet the Connected World

The past decade has seen a number of exciting developments in sports technology. The Smart Ball, for example, is a soccer ball with an integrated sensor that provides feedback on speed, spin, trajectory, and strike point. Data is uploaded to a smart phone. Similar technology can help professional athletes improve their game and play safer. Could this technology give more of us a shot at the Pros or NCAA college ball?

As the technology improves, the same applications used in professional sports will be available inexpensively to amateur athletes, helping us to more efficiently lose weight and stay fit. Wearable technologies are already offering real-time feedback on activities, and smart scales can track your weight loss as your exercise program progresses.

How do you see technology changing the way you enjoy sports and fitness activities?